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March 31, 2023 From 8:30am-2:30pm EST at 4020 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FL 33461
$20 Registration Fee 


Meet Our Speakers

Matthew Marin

Matt Marin Headshot.jpg

Matthew Marin is a Houston Police Officer with 13 years of exemplary service on the force. He has received numerous commendations along with two life-saving awards, the Hostile Engagement Award, the Officer of the Year Award, the Award of Valor from the state of Texas, and also the Award of Excellence. Inspired by his father, who is also a decorated officer, he grew up knowing and admiring the life of a Police Officer.
Receiving a football scholarship right out of high school, he opted to join the U.S. Navy after his first year of college. After completing four and a half nine-month tours overseas, he left the military, transitioning into the Police Force.
Now he looks back on his experiences, reflecting on them, while throwing ore light on the travails of military veterans and Police Officers, both active and retired. In the introduction to his book, "Silent Screams," he writes:
"Due to the demanding nature of the job, police officers often bring their work home with them, whether they want to or not. As a police officer ... I know firsthand that bringing the job home can manifest itself in various ways and in turn affect relationships with both family and friends."
"PTSD is a disease of the mind which plagues more veterans and active servicemen than we might imagine. Unfortunately, many people do not prioritize getting the help and healing that they need, even as the weight of our career continues to pile up."
Through his additional position as East-Texas Director of the Birdwell Foundation For PTSD, Matt Marin seeks to help those suffering from this occupational hazard restore hope, lives and relationships, and to help their loved ones better understand this "moral injury" and emotional stress, learn to cope and heal.

Derrick Whitley

Derrick Headshot .jpg

An Air Force Wounded Warrior turned Professional Model. Derick Whitley was born and raised in Newport News VA. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces member. Through numerous special duties, deployments and training he held positions in direct support of VPOTUS, FLOTUS, SecDef and other high level government officials as he traveled to over 70 countries doing Aircraft Security. He was medically retired from active duty after 15 years of dynamic service, the final two of which were spent as the Personal Security Officer to the Secretary of the Air Force. Now, residing in Tampa FL, he spends most of his time cultivating an intentional life that sets the example for his 13-year-old daughter to follow. In a world that is so “fluid” it is his personal mission to help men become the men that can move mountains. 

Carlos Rosario

Carlos R 2.jpg

Carlos Rosario 
-46 years old 
-Born in Caguas Puerto Rico
-Been together with Ana Rosario since Grade 8 (1990) Married since 1999
-2 sons:Carlos Rosario Jr (29yrs old)  Joshua Rosario (24yrs old)
- Correction Officer 6yrs Massachusetts Department of Corrections 
-State Trooper Florida Highway Patrol 16 years
-Police Officer Miami Dade Schools Police 1yr & 6months
-2017 while conducting Laser speed enforcement, I was struck outside my patrol car by a distracted driver at 35mph. I fractured both tibeas was, both femurs, left ulna bone, damaged L1-L4 lumbar, fractured C1, fractured jaw and was wired shut, facial opening where I lost more than 20bags of blood, had double vision for a 1 year and 2 months & brain injury. 
Unofficially Took 1 year and 7 months to return to work. But was celebrated retuning to work at 1 year & 10 months.. 
-My faith through Christ Jesus saved me & restored me even though science said I would not be doing what I’m doing..

Roger Franklin AKA Superman


Rafis Nin

Rafis Nin.jpg

I am a licensed social worker and currently finishing my doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy.  ​I have worked with an array of issues focusing mainly in traumas of life that can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidality, PTSD, substance abuse and relationships issues. I also have vast experience working with couples and families with relationship concerns. 

My work with client is focused on respecting people’s values, beliefs and choices. I am a big believer that people have self-determination and people are expert of their own lives when it comes to their personal goals and challenges. I work along with clients to assist them in exploring what sort of things might be getting in the way of reaching their goals, and using interventions such as:


- EMDR and EFT Tapping,  two different somatic therapeutic models which are highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and other symptoms. 

- Mindfulness, a therapeutic approach that works on the ability to remain present, which is effective at treating depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and managing stress.

- Narrative Therapy, a therapeutic approach that focuses on finding the client's strengths through the focus of the words we use.

- Family Systems, which is the theory used to help relationships improve.

- The Gottman Method, a therapeutic approach that provides assessments and tools for couples to improve communication, intimacy, and recover from betrayals.

- I have completed specific training to provide counseling for First Responders; the "Clinician Awareness Program" provided by the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative.  


....and other tools to best help client with the many problems they might be facing, and together we work on finding solutions. 


Over the last 24 years, I have worked on my own journey and healing from sexual abuse, suicide loss, procrastination, toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, and other life challenges that used to paralyze my life and my relationships. I have also witnessed in my work with others how some people can change and transform their lives into more preferred ways.

I also love reading, a good movie, Italian food and traveling for short day trips or new countries. I believe as we travel and explore unfamiliar places, we grow as we discover more about ourselves. We also get to try new ways of beings, face many of our fears and insecurities, and socially get to meet new people and make new connections.

Police Cars

We are so excited have you at this inaugural event!! Thank you again to our speakers!  Stay tuned for more updates as the event gets closer!

There is a $20 Registration Fee. A light breakfast and full lunch will be served. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, March 31, 2023!!
All are welcome & make sure to invite a friend.

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