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   Upcoming Events & Retreats


  • Join the waitlist for our Inaugural Wellness Retreat for 2023!
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Good Day Beautiful People!! We are tapping into those uncomfortable topics: Mental health, substance abuse, financial stress, anger, burnout, self loathing etc. Sign-up for more information and get ready for this powerful journey in becoming the best version of yourself!

Project Empower 

Dates: TBD

Project Empower is an amazing program that SHIELDUS has been giving the opportunity to pilot. With Project Empower SHIELDUS & Diversity in Aquatics (DIA) will utilize the water and create fun activities in a three-day session to bridge the gap between youth and police while addressing Racial & Social Justice issues. 

Previous SHIELDUS Events

Virtual Community Training
SHIELDUS Presents: Self-Care & Mindful Break

This event was for Police Officers, Firefighters, Dispatchers, Social Workers, Clinicians and more. This e event was for helpers and healers.

Thank you to United Way of Broward for this amazing opportunity to offer a self-care and mindful break to all of our front line workers!!

This public hearing was  open to any and all women veterans.  All generations.

Veterans .jpg
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