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Women Veterans Town Hall Meeting

Virtual Community Training
SHIELDUS Presents: Self-Care & Mindful Break

Click below to register for this free and awesome event, where yours truly and two wonderful SHIELDUS family members will present a mindful workshop for self-care:

This event is for Police Officers, Firefighters, Dispatchers, Social Workers, Clinicians and more, if you are a helper or a healer this training is for you!!! There is still time to register and we hope to see you there, Tuesday November 30th from 12:00pm-2:00pm EST.

Thank you to United Way of Broward for this amazing opportunity to offer a self-care and mindful break to all of our front line workers!!

Project Empower 

Project Empower is an amazing program that SHIELDUS has been giving the opportunity to pilot. With Project Empower SHIELDUS & Diversity in Aquatics (DIA) will utilize the water and create fun activities in a three-day session to bridge the gap between youth and police while addressing Racial & Social Justice issues. 

Dates: TBD

Full Moon - International Retreat

Dates: TBD

This will be ShieldUs first annual retreat in honor of Det. Jacai Colson. This retreat will be held in El Salvador during the 6th year anniversary of his passing and in celebration of his life. Jacai's 35th's heavenly birthday will be recognized and a ceremony in his honor and all the lives lost on the line of duty will be recognized. 

This retreat will be for police officers that are ready to take part in a transformative retreat. Things like: grief, depression, substance abuse, trauma, anger, financial stress and more will be addressed. The tools learned will follow the model of the blue-mindfulness practice where mindfulness and water will be utilized. 

Police Couples Retreat

This retreat will be for police officers who are dating or are married. One or both parties can be police. The purpose of this retreat will be to reignite the love that was lost or come to terms with going separate ways in loving and healthy manner. 

Dates: TBD

Previous Events

This public hearing is open to any and all women veterans.  All generations.


PLEASE SHARE: The Governor Wants Input from Women Veterans - Our Voices Make a Difference!

Please join the FDVA and women veterans from around the state THIS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2021... live or virtual for the "Women Veterans Town Hall Meeting." Your voices make a difference! 


📣 In-Person Registration Link:


📣 Virtual Registration Link:



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Fearless & Fabulous 

Women in Uniform Unmasked

Please join us for this wonderful event on October 21, 2021 at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale. 

Click the link to register: