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Clear Water
  • Dispatcher Retreat

  • BIPOC LEO Retreat

  • LGBTQ+ LEO Retreat

  • US Military Veteran Retreat

Our First Annual International Retreat will be held in El Salvador, March 2022 in honor of Jacai David Colson EOW March 13, 2016.


The dates for this retreat are 3/17/2022 --- 3/21/2022, please sign up here to join our waitist!


SHIELDUS recognizes the stress that comes with a law enforcement job, but they also recognize that those who serve may be dealing with additional stressors in their life, and sometimes they just need to get away. SHIELDUS wants to help. In 2022, we plan to launch several retreat options. 

Some of these retreats include:

  • Wellness Retreat

  • Couples Retreat

  • Moonlight Ritual Retreat

  • Corrections Officer Retreat

  • El Salvador International Retreat

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We look forward to connecting with you soon!