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Other Services Provided

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The ShieldUs team is truama informed and trained in mindfulness and meditative practices. Our team is available to respond out to any critical incident and provide immediate support and healing. This can be: an officer suicide, officer involved shooting, officer death, natural disaster and any other traumatic incident. 

Image by Jon Tyson
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I like to say that the ShieldUs family is the "Peer Support" for the Peer Support teams. I have titled us the "Avengers" of wellness for first responders. What this means is that we will come out and offer trainings promoting Post Traumatic Growth and healing. This can be mindfulness training and/or workshops as well as Peer-Support/ trauma-informed training for your agency (Virtually or in Person).

Image by Chris Montgomery
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Community Projects pertains to any projects in the community that will bridge the gap between community and police through use of mindfulness and meditative practices. This also includes partnerships that align with the ShieldUs mission and vision. Community Projects also refers to ShieldUs involvement in community events and town halls. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Officers (active or retired) are encouraged to sign up for volunteer opportunities the only prerequisite is that you have experience with peer support and/or mental health and wellness to some capacity. This can be: mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reiki, Qi-gong, or any self-care practice that shows your process in the self-care journey. 

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